5 Hidden facts about Money Heist You Should Know


During this quarantine period, Money Heist has proven to be a blessing in disguise for many. Hidden facts about Money Heist

The show’s fan base is growing by the day, thanks to the show’s dynamic characters and unpredictable narrative.

With four seasons under its belt, the heist has always piqued the interest of viewers. The Spanish online series has been dubbed in English and subtitles are available.

1.The show’s original title was La Casa de Papel, which translates to “The House of Paper.”

Despite the fact that La Casa de Papel was not first pick. Desahuciados was the initial title of the show, which means “hopeless” or “irredeemable” in Spanish.

Hidden facts about Money Heist

2.In Spain, the show was a flop, and after the first season, it was on the verge of being canceled.

The debut episode got 4.5 million viewers, but the show’s popularity faded over time, and the creators accepted the show’s demise.

3.The show was then bought up by Netflix, which renamed it Money Heist and added it to its international collection.

Netflix’s risk seemed to pay off, despite the fact that absolutely little advertising was done. The response stunned both the show and the cast, and the rest is history.

4.Money Heist is the most-watched Netflix show in six countries.

France, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina are the countries involved. In 2019, the show became Netflix’s most-watched show, with an IMDb rating of 8.5.

5.This is how Tokyo became the first character to be given a name.

Jesus Colmenar, the show’s director and producer, revealed that Money Heist creator Alex Pina once showed up to work wearing a shirt with the word “Tokyo” printed on the front. Colmenar then decided that the name “Tokyo” would be ideal for a character.

Other city names such as Moscow, Denver, and Berlin appeared after another 15 minutes.

6.The renowned Dali mask pays homage to the legendary painter Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dal was a well-known Spanish surrealist painter known for his anti-modern capitalist beliefs.

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