Tamil rockers or Tamil Blaster | tamil Rockers Site 2021


Tamil Rockers or Tamil Blaster is an Indian torrent website which illegally pirates newly released Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Kannada Movies, Malayalam Movies, Netflix Series, Amazon Prime Video series an more in HD quality. Because of Tamil Rockers many movie creators are losing billion dollars every year. Tamil Rocker is quite popular south Asian countries mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal. Many URL of torrent sites are blocked by respective government but every time they come up with new domain.

Many famous movies are leaked by Tamil Rockers on the day of release. Although blocked by Governments they are easily accessed using VPN and proxy servers. Governments are trying to catch the mastermind behind Tamil Rockers but they have failed many times. New Sites of tamil rockers are listed on twitter. People have created many clone sites of Tamil Rockers to gain some traffic. Tamil Rockers are pirating the movies and are earning money from placing ads on their website. There are many new websites running in the name of Tamil Rockers. We as a cinephile and movie lovers we should boycott these types of illegal torrent sites and support original creators. STOP PIRATING

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