7 Scariest Horror Movies released in the 2010s ( Binge-watching)


Horror genre has made a comeback, with psychological horror like The Lighthouse to Paranormal horrors like Hereditary and even social thriller/horror like Get Out, 2010s sure gave us a lot of great movies. The movie lists are based on the opinions of CIneguff editor.

1) The Lighthouse (2019) IMDb – 7.6
Two lighthouse keepers trying to maintain their sanity, The Lighthouse is a brilliant art-film with no clear goals but something about it is really unique. Movie lovers are ought to watch this masterpiece.

2) A Quiet Place (2018) IMDb – 7.5
In a world where humans are hunted by blind but noise-sensitive creatures, a family struggles to survive using only sign language to communicate. With a great cast that indulges you into this sci-fi/horror, A Quiet Place fully showcases its genre.

3) The Witch (2015) IMDb – 6.9
Set in the New England of the 17th century, The Witch follows a banished Puritan family who sets up a farm by the edge of a remote forest where they are hunted by sinister forces. Robert Eggers’ yet another horror flick is a must-see.

4) Get Out (2018) IMDb – 7.7
Jordan Peele’s Get Out brought something new to the almost dead horror genre. The story follows a black man who visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents during a weekend getaway. For a moment, everything seems normal but slowly he realizes the horror that goes on here and he realizes it a little too late. Get Out was a total surprise especially coming from a comedy writer like Jordan Peele.

5) Midsommar (2019) IMDb – 7.1
A couple travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown for its fabled midsummer festival, but it quickly turns into something bizarre and scary from something ordinary and harmless and they have controlled bu the pagan cult. Midsommar is a really scary movie and it’s brilliant.

6) Black Swan (2010) IMDb – 8
Darren Aronofsky’s brilliant vision enhanced by Natalie Portman’s amazing performance in the Black Swan is a must-see for not just horror movie lover but for general movie watchers as well. It’s about a ballerina who slips into madness after getting a chance to play the role as the White Swan, Princess Odette.

7) Hereditary (2018) IMDb – 7.3
After the death of the grandmother, the fate of her family slowly but horrifying change. Hereditary is no doubt the scariest movie on this list. It did everything right that other paranormal movies like The Conjuring did wrong which is why it is the best horror movie in recent times.

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