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Continuing our series of best movies throughout the decade, it’s time to go back, to the decade of 1980s which was filled with such great blockbusters as Ghostbusters, Alien 2 and even E.T. Here’s our list of best movies of 1980s.The list are based on the personal opinions of Cineguff editor.

1) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) IMDb – 8.4
It would be foolish not to mention Raiders of the Lost Ark cause after alls this is the movie that started it all. Indiana Jones is one of the best movie series ever. With great blockbusters like Ghostbusters, E.T. and The Empire Strikes Back, 1980s was just the beginning of big movies but Raiders of the Lost Ark with its twists and actions and some comedic bits, we just couldn’t choose others.

2) My Neighbor Totoro (1988) IMDb – 8.2
People say that almost all Japanese family owns a copy of My Neighbor Totoro and most children know the name Totoro. We don’t know how accurate that is but we do agree that My Neighbor Totoro was a great animated movie. It’s a wholesome movie about two small girls who become friends with a spirit in the form of a giant rabbit-like creature. Hayao Miyazaki’s animated movie manages to combine children’s imagination with a deeper story plot. Japanese animation was way ahead of Disney in terms of quality story plot with deeper meanings.

It is available on Netflix.

3) Raging Bull (1980) IMDb – 8.2
People nowadays kinda forget the name Robert De Niro when talking about best actor but back at his prime, he was brilliant in every movie. Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, the holy trinity as some may call are responsible for acclaimed movies like Goodfellas, Casino and even The Irishman. Raging Bull is one of them. With superb performance from De Niro, the biopic of a boxer managed to hook us from beginning to the end as we get to see a humble boxer who ruins everything he has by the end of the movie.

4) Die Hard (1988) IMDb – 8.2
1980s saw the birth an otherwise great movie ruined by its sequels, Die Hard is one of the greatest action movie. A detective wanting to spend Christmas with his wife and kids arrives at LA but things turn out for worse as he’s forced to save his wife who’s been kept as hostage by a group of terrorist in an office. Unlike the sequels, the original had a really good character development which lacked especially in the 2013 sequel.

5) The Shining (1980) IMDb – 8.4
Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of the best horror movies ever made. It about a man who slowly loses his sanity by living in an isolated hotel and the effects of it on him and his family members. The Shining has a special place in the horror movie genre ranking in at top 3 best horror movie in most of the list.

6) Full Metal Jacket (1987) IMDb – 8.3
Another Kubrick’s masterpiece, Full Metal Jacket is a movie about war or to be more accurate, a movie that depicts how a normal human being is transformed into a ruthless and emotionless machine whose only purpose is to kill and die. Most people just brushed off the main point of the movie and just assumes it’s a movie about the Vietnam war and it’s effects on the country but no, the main focus of the movie was the creation of machines in the form of humans causing mayhem and the gruesome process of making these machines. Kubrick’s movie always had more than one plot hidden inside it.

7) Back To The Future (1985) IMDb – 8.5
Back to The Future is a sci-fi/adventure with bits of comedy that follows a teen who is sent back in time with the help of a time machine and in order to return, he must make his now teenage parents to fall in love. Even if you re-watch this movie after years, you’ll still enjoy it just like the first time with a bit of nostalgia. The characters are so well written that you actually will want to invest your time to find out what will happen to them in the end.


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