7 Underrated Must Watch Hollywood Movies


Here is the list of the most underrated Hollywood movies. The lists are based on the opinions of Cineguff editor.

1) Following (1998)
Christopher Nolan’s debut movie exposed him into the mainstream media. Following is a masterpiece that follows a writer who in search for inspiration, stalks people. Following’s non-linear story structure can still be found in Nolan’s other works too. If you don’t mind watching a black and white movie with a unique plot, then you must check it out.
IMDb- 7.5

2) Stand By Me (1986)
Stand By Me is an adaptation of the novel “The Body” by Stephen King. It follows the journey of four kids who are in search for the dead body of another kid or simply “the body”. The story however ends bitterly. The journey changes these kids completely and the movie also addresses serious questions about bullying, teenage life and even about the uncertain future. This was also the breakout role of River Phoenix.
IMDb- 8.1

3) Requiem For A Dream (2000)
Well, technically not underrated but still not enough people are talking about it. The only thing that you can say about the movie is “HOLY SHIT”. Requiem For A Dream is not a horror movie but it will scary even scare you for life. The devastating consequences of drug addiction has been addressed loudly in it. Director Darren Aronofsky’s technique of camera focusing and many insert shots are so effective as well. Everyone should and need to watch this.
IMDb- 8.3

4) American Psycho (2000)
Christian Bale has always been a versatile actor. He really embraces the role he’s playing and in Mary Harron’s American Psycho, he becomes the psychopathic serial killer. Many said this role will kill Bale’s career, instead, this role skyrocketed his career as a lead actor. It’s hard to process the movie as it may confuse a lot of people but basically it follows the serial killer Patrick Bateman, a wealthy investment banker who likes to kill people either for pleasure or because of jealousy. Oh, and yeah, he also is totally obsessed with himself.
IMDb- 7.6

5)Children Of Men (2006)
In the near future, humans are no longer fertile and as a result, the human species are on the verge of extinction. This causes many riots and wars in the world and after the death of an 18-year-old kid, the younger person on the earth, people lose hope until out of nowhere a woman gets pregnant. Children Of Men is a nail-biting thriller that will keep you on your toes for the entire duration.

6)Her (2013)
Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor and it was about time he gets that Oscar. We’ve all seen his dark and haunting roles but Spike Jonze’s Her showed that Joaquin Phoenix can be versatile too. Her is a love story about Theodore Twombly, an introvert writer, who falls in love with his operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. It’s a beautiful movie with amazing cinematography. The music also fits well with it. Unlike other RomCom, Her is a unique story about a man falling in love with Artificial Intelligence.
IMDb- 8

7)The Hateful Eight (2015)
The Hateful Eight is perhaps the most underrated Tarantino movie. Although underrated, this movie nothing shy of greatness cause come on, it’s a Tarantino movie. The Hateful Eight is a classic spaghetti western of the 20th century. This movie is full of violence, humor, and the small little details that make Tarantino movies great. Plus, the score for this movie is iconic. Maybe due to the lack of proper feet scene in this movie, it is underrated.
IMDb- 7.8

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