7 Underrated Bollywood Movies, Worth Watching in LOCKDOWN


Bollywood is the biggest movie industry in India. It is based in the Mumbai City of India. Every year more than 500+ featured films are released in Bollywood. Only a few of the movies are able to engage the audience and manage to collect their budget. There is a competitive market in Bollywood. Many good movies are produced every year but somehow they are always under the shadow of the big-budget movie and the audience doesn’t hear about them. Today we are going to give you a list of movies that were underrated on the shadow of big-budget and star cast movies.

1) Tumbbad
Tumbbad is a Hindi horror movie. The film was first shot in 2012, after the completion of movie directors are not satisfied with the scenes and it was reshot in 2015 but because of internal problems between producers the movie was released later in 2018.
It has 8.3 ratings in IMDB


2) Section 375
Section 375 is a Hindi courtroom drama movie. The movie stars Akshay Khanna and Richa Chadda in the lead role. It is considered as all-time best courtroom drama Hindi movie.
It has 8.1 ratings in IMDB

3)Manjhi – The Mountain Man
Manjhi – The Mountain Man is a Hindi movie based on the real-life of Dasharath Manjhi. Nawazidin Siddiqui has played the role of Manjhi in the movie.
It has 8 ratings in IMDB

4) Trapped
Trapped is a Hindi survival drama movie produced by Anurag Kashyap. It stars Rajkumar Rao in the lead role. The plot of the movie revolves around the boy who is trapped in his under-construction apartment without food, water, electricity.
It has 7.5 ratings in IMDB


5) Masaan
Masaan is a Hindi social drama movie based on the plot of Pre Marital Sexual relationship. The movie stars Richa Chadda in the lead role. It was released in 2015.
It has 8.1 ratings in IMDB


6) Rahasya
Rahasya is a Hindi murder mystery movie directed by Manish Gupta. The movie was inspired or somehow based on a real murder mystery. It stars Kay Kay Menon on the lead role.
It has 7.6 ratings in IMDB

7) Udaan
Udaan is a teenage drama movie written by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. The movie was screened on Cannes International film festival.
It has 8.2 ratings in IMDB

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