7 Teenage/highschool series available on Netflix ( 18+ )


The most popular Over The Top (OTT) platform Netflix has plenty of content for everyone to watch. While some contents are rubbish, most of them are good and worth binge-watching. Netflix is mainly popular for its original movies and series among all age groups. Here we are listing some of the Netflix series which are popular among teenage groups and highschool students. The lists are completely based on the personal opinion of Cinemaguff editor.

1) 13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why is a thriller teen drama series based on Jay Asher’s novel ” 13 Reasons Why “. The story of the series revolves around the fictional character Clay Jensen whose friend Hannah Baker takes her life after facing bullying and sexual assault in High school.
It stars Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette in the lead roles as Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen. It has 4 seasons with 13 seasons each in the first 3 seasons and 10 in the final season.
It has 7.7 ratings on IMDB.

2) Elite
Elite is a Spanish teen thriller drama made for Netflix. It stars Maria Pedraza, Ester Exposito, Danna Paola, Jaime Lorente, Aaron Piper, Miguel Herran, Itzan Guerro in the lead roles of series. The story of the series revolves around the relationship between working-class students and high-class privileged students which leads to the murder of the privileged student. It has 3 seasons each with 8 episodes and is renewed for season 4.
It has 7.6 ratings on IMDB.

3) Sex Education
Sex Education is a British comedy-drama. It has 2 season and its first season was released on Jan 11, 2019. It became a huge success on Netflix with over 40 million worldwide viewers. The series shows the insecurities of teenagers. It has been renewed for season 3.
It has 8.3 ratings on IMDB.

4) Riverdale
Riverdale is a teen mystery drama based on the story of Archie Comics. It was produced by Warner Bros for CBS Television. Also it is available on Netflix.

5) Control Z
Control Z is a Mexican teen suspense drama created by Lemon Studios for Netflix. Its original language is Spanish. Ana Valeria, Michael Ronda are in the lead role of series. The story of series revolves around the hacker who exposed all secrets of highschool students.
It has 7ratings on IMDB.

6) Baby
Baby is an Italian teen drama. It has 2 seasons with 6 episodes in each season. The story of the series revolves around the high school students who are involved in prostitution.
It has 6.8 ratings on IMDB.


7) Trinkets
Trinkets is an American teen drama series based on novel Trinkets written by Kirsten Smith It has one season with 10 episodes and is renewed for the final season.
It has 7.1 ratings on IMDB.

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